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                     "Let us not merely say that we love each other, let us show the truth by our actions."   
                      - 1 John 3:18

     This year, St. John's School is putting love into action in many ways.  Through the "Love India" project, each class will be sponsoring a student in a corresponding grade who lives in Bangalore, India.   These children attend the United International School, a highly regarded private K-10 school and Christian ministry of India Transformed!
     Though bright and eager to learn, the children St. John's will be sponsoring live in poverty.  Thin and sometimes sickly, they often go to school hungry because parents are absent or unable to provide.  "Home" is usually a one-room structure (often a tent) where several family members of many generations may live.  Clothes are tattered hand-me-downs or picked from the rag pile.  There is rarely money to meet the costs of school supplies or access medical care.

Each sponsored child receives the benefits of:

  • A nutritious lunch, snacks and milk
  • School uniform, clothing and supplies
  • An excellent academic and Christian education; help and encouragement with studies
  • Health monitoring and medical care
  • Caring Christian mentors
      Students at St. John's will have the opportunity to interact with their class' sponsored child through letters, emails, pictures, videos and music several times during the school year.  A Profile of your student's sponsored child will come home in Thursday folders tomorrow.  You are encouraged to ask about and pray for the child as a family.  The sponsorship cost of $50 per month per child will be funded through chapel offerings and various special school-wide and classroom activities (watch for details).  
      We rejoice that classes at St. John's will show true love by praying for, paying for and caring about fellow students in a distant land!