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St. John's conducts congregational meetings throughout the year to dicuss church activities, budget items, and the events surrounding the church's mission of Connecting People to Jesus.  Our next Congreational Meeting will be TBD. Watch Connections or call the church office for more information.

Below are the minutes of the most recent Congregational Meeting. 

St. Johns Lutheran Church Congregational Meeting
Sunday, November 3, 2013, 9:00 and 10:45 AM

Opening Prayer

The meeting was opened with prayer.

Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the June 4, 2013 meeting were approved.

Election of New Officers

President Neal Bamesberger and Treasurer Pat Irving are stepping down after years of faithful service.

The following were elected: John Reeb, President, Charlie Kirchoff, Treasurer, and Marion Tolch, Secretary.

Pastor’s Report by Pastor Michael

Pastor Michael acknowledged the support he feels from the St. Johns community.

The Shifting Gears workshop which was held in September was attended by representatives from 16 congregations.  The focus of the workshop was to look at what we need to do in the way of shifting gears to better attract the young people who are tomorrow’s church and better equip them in their walk of faith.  Because this workshop was so well received, the plan is to hold another workshop next Sept/Oct.

1+1=1   Pastor encouraged members to (1) find an area off campus in our home communities to activate our faith, by being active agents of change, either formally or informally (2) identify an area on campus to intentionally step in and volunteer for one of the many areas of service such as Childrens Church, assisting in worship services, many mission opportunities such as Haiti, India, etc. and (3) personal growth as a disciple of Christ.

1+1=2   A member has anonymously given $35,000 and challenged the membership to match that amount.   To donate to this challenge, members are asked to note on their check that this is a “matching gift”.

Mission Plants.   Cross of Christ has a new pastor, Tim Lawson, and has moved from the theater where it was holding services to Coyote Elementary school in Aurora. Resurrection in the City at 35th& York is being served by Pastor Schlecte.

Another opportunity for mission plants involves our Life Groups. By modeling the early church, groups can become mission plants.

Relationship with Rocky Mountain District.  St. Johns had previously petitioned to leave the District but the District Board of Directors denied our request.  In order to give the new District President Pastor Andersen and the Bd. Of Directors additional time to address our issues, Pastor Michael requested to withdraw our petition.  Pastor Andersen will participate in AJ’s ordination on December 22, 2013.

Learning Communities:  This group of church leaders that Pastor Michael is involved with has gathered together to encourage and challenge us to be healthy congregations and schools.

5-2 Missional Community: Stephen Weems is involved in this group, whose focus is on intentional outreach. 

The overall goal of any church should be not to have people just come to church but to BE the church.

AJ Mastic’s report 

Childrens Ministry.  A recent push for volunteers has had great results. New software is being looked at to make the Sunday checking in process easier. Although there has previously been a gap in activities for 5th and 6th graders, starting in January, 2014, this age group will have weekly activities.  Matt Walton’s youth group currently involves 25 – 30 youth.

Life Groups.  There are currently 26 Life Groups.  He has received positive feedback from groups participating in The Story series.

Plans for next year include an Adult Mentoring program to better enable people to be intentional in building up each other in faith.

School Report by Loren Otte

Loren reviewed the written report (see attached).

He expressed the joy he receives in serving with such a talented, committed staff.

There are already 9 students registered for the 2014 school year.

Treasurer’s Report   

Contact the church office for teh treasures report. 

Pastor Michael noted that instead of hearing “Give, Give, Give” every Sunday, our response should be “As you have blessed me Lord, let me respond.”

Closing   The meeting was closed in prayer by Pastor Michael.