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St. John's has three types of tables... regular tables, tables LIFEGroups and
tables Classrooms!
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What is tables?

tables is a way for people to connect with others in the St. John’s community in a casual way through a shared meal. It is a great chance for Guests to meet new people or get better acquainted with people they may not know well. Those who are new to St. John’s or feel they haven’t developed many friendships within the SJ community are especially encouraged to sign up. 

What do tables groups look like?

tables consists of three monthly dinners for eight, held at the home of a designated Host.  Singles and couples will be mixed together at random, and there will be some groups for families where children are welcome. Since the tables groups are different from LIFEGroups and are meant as a way to help make new connections, they won’t feature either devotions or Bible studies. There may be a blessing before the meal as well as a response to any specific prayer requests initiated by individuals in the group. Time together can consist of conversation and/or games, depending on what the group decides. 

When will tables start?

Check back soon for more info on the next session of tables. Groups will meet once a month on predetermined dates based on the availability of Hosts and Guests. They can meet on a weeknight, weekend evening or even for Sunday brunch. Hosts will coordinate plans for each of the meals and communicate with the rest of the group. 

How do I register for tables?

For registration and more information, contact Carolyn Otte at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What if I have food or pet allergies?

Guests will be asked to indicate special food or allergy needs when the groups are formed, and the planning team will communicate these to the Hosts. Hosts will make every reasonable effort to accommodate these needs; taking care to provide a warning if any food being served contains allergens. Guests with pet allergies will be assigned to a group hosted in a home without pets.

Will alcohol be served?

Alcohol may be served at the option of the Host.  Some groups will be designated as alcohol-free, and Guests can indicate on their sign-up sheet if they want to be in an alcohol-free group. 

What should I do if I can’t make it to a scheduled dinner?

When a Guest joins a tables group, we ask for a firm commitment to attend all three meeting dates. In case of illness or emergency, let the Host know as soon as possible, so someone can be invited to fill in.

What happens after our final gathering?

Guests may sign up again and join a new group in the next tables session, or they may decide to host a new group. The group may also want to continue gathering together on their own, or to form a new LIFEGroup. At the third dinner, the Hosts will briefly explain these options.

Whom do I contact with questions or for additional information?

For more information about tables, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 303-733-0333 Ext. 111.