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We're Looking for Penpals!

An Encouraging Word Ministry is looking for penpals to Christian prisoners.  This is a wonderful opportunity to be the hands and heart of God by merely investing in a stamp. Encouraging Word is a wonderful opportunity for adults who enjoy writing or emailing, as projects for share groups or Sunday school classes, as well as individuals who have busy schedules. It only takes a moment to write a note to a very lonely, often neglected Christian brother or sister.  Assignments are women to women and men to men only; based upon the Stephen Ministry model of companioning others. 

Lifting Up Others With an Encouraging Word

An Encouraging Word Ministry is a one-to-one correspondence ministry to Christians who are incarcerated and provides encouragement and written companionship. Through the mail, by the use of personal letters full of scripture and personal prayers, Encouraging Word Ministry uses professionally designed brochures, original cards for Christmas, Easter and Birthdays to send hope to those who need it most.  As a non-denominational, Christian, Biblically based ministry, An Encouraging World is a registered 501(c)3 organization launched on November 15, 2013 from St. John’s Lutheran Church. An Encouraging Word Ministry has an independent board, pastoral advisors, and lay members and is currently a registered international prison correspondence ministry serving 375 Christian men and women in 50 prisons in 20 states.

Currently, 60 men and women Encouraging Word volunteers, called Encouragers, gather for educational seminars, signing parties, quarterly meetings, and fundraising events. Volunteers do not need professional training, state regulated training, or be professional counselors or ministers. They need to CARE! Financial commitment is limited to postage when mailing correspondences. Time commitment is adjusted to personal schedules and not tracked.  Identity of volunteers is protected through the use of a Ministry P.O. Box and only first names are used. 

You will be blessed as you bring encouragement to men and women in prison through this letter-writing/card-sending ministry! If you are interested in learning more or becoming part of this ministry, please email Debbie Baird, Encouraging Word Ministry Administrator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will be a blessing to others and you yourself will be blessed by how important you are to each of these individuals!  

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Encouraging Word Testimonials:
"I truly feel blessed by the Encouraging Word ministry. I did not expect to feel the connection that I do with my pen pal. I'm sure that's because God is working through us; He's definitely part of our relationship. Also, I think there's a bonding aspect to actually writing & receiving "old school" letters in comparison to texting & emailing. I remember having pen pals when I was a child, and this correspondence brings back that enjoyment."
"Your prayers are moving mountains and strongholds in my life... All my bitterness is rolling out as in waves out to the sea of forgetfulness and building on the true foundation of God's love, peace, forgiveness, joy, understanding, care, concern, but most of all self-control. I remind myself always, all good things come from the Lord, even you all at 'Encouraging Word.'"