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                                     2018-2019 Enrollment information

*Note:  This information is for returning students only (usernames and passwords are required to move forward)

A registration fee is due to finalize the enrollment process.  Total fee amount is based on when the fee is received:
PRIOR to January 31: $275 per student

AFTER January 31: $325 per student 
This fee is non-refundable.  
Please continue by selecting the link below.  We look forward to another wonderful school year!

St. John’s Full Tuition

                        Monthly (10)       Monthy (10) Check/Bank         Annual Credit           Annual Check/Bank
                    Credit Card (Full)    Autodraft 2% Discount         Card 1% Discount      Autodraft 3% Discount
1 Student          $6,900                       $6,762                                    $6,831                            $6,693
2 Students        $13,520                     $13,250                                  $13,385                          $13,114
3 Students        $19,870                     $19,473                                  $19,671                          $19,274

St. John’s Member Tuition          

                        Monthly (10)       Monthy (10) Check/Bank         Annual Credit           Annual Check/Bank
                    Credit Card (Full)    Autodraft 2% Discount         Card 1% Discount      Autodraft 3% Discount
1 Student          $6,650                       $6,517                                    $6,585                            $6,451
2 Students        $13,030                     $12,769                                  $12,900                          $12,639
3 Students        $19,150                     $18,767                                  $18,959                          $18,576

 ** Please note that CHECK and BANK Autodrafts account for the additional discounts as stated above.

Tuition Assistance is available. There is a form in the school office that will need to be completed each year by April 15.

Open Enrollment for 2018/2019 begins January 4, 2018
In order to have your child's place reserved on the class list, all past due balances must be paid in full.  St. John's understands that there can be financial situations in a family. If that is the case, please communicate with Loren Otte at 303-733-3777 x 120 to discuss payment options.
If payment is received after the class roster is filled, you will be placed on the waitlist. 
Please contact Melanie Hanson at 303-733-3777 x159, melanie.hanson@sjdenver.org, with any balance questions or to set up payments.

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