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Where are you located?

St. John’s Lutheran Church and School is located in the beautiful Washington Park area of Denver, just a few minutes southeast of downtown Denver. Our campus is located on the east side of Washington Park and the entrance and the parking lot is on the east side of the facilities, off of Exposition Avenue.


How do you compare to other schools in your area?

St. John’s Lutheran School continues its long tradition of strong academic excellence and performance.  Starting in 2nd grade, our students take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. This past year, our school performed at the 97% percentile nationally. No single assessment can fully reflect the total program, yet our students have continually performed at a very high level. Colorado public schools use the CSAP (Colorado Student Assessment Program) tests which we do not administer. The Iowa Tests are given nationally to both private and public schools and varies from local and state choices of administering.


What is the size, student/teacher ratio and enrollment openings?

We’re proud to offer a desirable student to teacher ration in a caring and diverse environment. We have approximately 150 students in our Kindergarten through 8th grade program. The overall student/teacher ratio is 16:1. There is currently one class per grade level.

Do most of your families live in the immediate area?

Our students come from throughout the metro Denver area. About 50% of our students live in a 2-3 mile radius of St. John’s. Other families live in a variety of neighborhoods in the metro Denver area. Approximately 40% of our students are members at St. John’s Lutheran Church. The student body is a diversity of backgrounds and neighborhoods.


What extracurricular opportunities would be available for my child?

We offer a variety of extracurricular activities at St. John’s. Non-staff piano and band teachers come in one day a week to offer lessons to our students during the day. Sports programs are offered for our students in 5th through 8th grades. Soccer, volleyball, basketball and track are offered. There are separate fees for the music and sports programs. All of our students are offered art, choir, Spanish, physical education and Bible curriculum. Our after-school program offers a variety of enrichment activities for the students throughout the year (golf, tae kwon do, dance, etc.)


What type of safety and security measures are in place?

Our school offers a very safe and secure, yet friendly environment. Students and parents enter through one main entrance to the school. Other school entry ways are locked during the school day. Access doors to the hallways are locked and entry gained by access codes given to staff and families. Security cameras monitor the main entrances to the school. Visitors must sign in at the office. Outside playground areas are always supervised during activity times and entrances locked.


What type of lunch program do you offer?

St. John’s Lutheran School offers an online lunch program with delicious and healthy choices. Parents may choose this option and order lunches online as they wish. Students have the option to bring their own lunches each day. Families also have the option to purchase milk each day for their child.


What religion instruction takes place during the week in the school and classroom?

Each classroom will have a Bible teaching lesson 2-3 times a week. These lessons revolve around Bible stories and topics. Every Wednesday morning there is a 30-minute Chapel for the whole student body led by teachers, pastors and outside groups and speakers. Christian values are applied throughout classes and school activities.