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Sunday 11/5 - Saturday 11/11

Communion of Saints 1366 x 427
All Saint’s Day: The Communion of Saints
by Elder Rick Keagy

(15 min)
If your group has more than 7 people, you're encouraged to split into men's and women's groups for "Warm Ups". Also, it often works better to go around the circle three times instead of each person having to answer all three questions at once.
  1. Share your high moment and low moment of the week.
  2. If you could ask one person, alive or dead, only one question, who would you ask and what would you ask?
  3. Do you have any God moments to share from this past week?

Large Group Prayer (10 min)
  • Take turns praying (1) Thanksgivings, (2) for each other's needs, and (3) for our community.
    • Click here for creative ideas on how to pray as a group.

Study Questions (35 min)

About the Sermon

Review the NT passage in Revelation 7:9-17.  Verses 16 & 17 contain allusions to passages from the prophetic book of Isaiah, 49:10 & 25:8, respectively.

  1. Read Isaiah 49:8-10.   Notice the following references:
    1. “Day of Deliverance/Salvation”
    2. “Make you (God’s people) a promise/covenant”
    3. “You will say to the prisoners/those in darkness”
      Are you/we living in the day of deliverance?  (yes, through Jesus’ sacrificial life, death, and resurrection)
  2. What does it mean to be a promise of God?  (no right answer)
    Who are the spiritual prisoners of today?  What is our responsibility to them?   (those without Jesus/tell them about the promise)
    1. Compare the scene in Revelation to the prophecy in Isaiah.  What is the future role for the people of the promise? (serve him)
    2. Based on the discussion above, what is one way we can begin to fulfill that role here on earth?

A Deeper look

  1. Read Isaiah 25:6-9.  As in the Revelation passage, we once again see a “banquet for all nations”, and in verse 8 we read again that “the Lord will wipe away the tears from every face”.  Immediately preceding this in verse 8 is the promise that “he will swallow up death permanently”.
    1. As we remember friends and loved ones who passed on All Saints Day, can these verses be a comfort to us?
    2. Verse 9 ends with “let us rejoice/be glad because he will save/deliver us”.  Although losing loved ones is difficult, how can our message as Christians in these times be hopeful?

Life Application

Samaritan woman, thirst, living water, mountains, Jesus
  1. The dialogue between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well found in John chapter 4 provides a helpful bridge between the OT passages above and the vision described in Revelation.  Read John 4:13-26
    1. Compare Isaiah 49:10, John 4:13-14, Revelation 7:16-17.  What does it mean to “never thirst”?  Who leads us there?  What’s our role?
    2. Compare Isaiah 25:6, John 4:20-21, Revelation 7:9.  (Note:  “this mountain” in Isaiah 25:6 refers to Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, while “this mountain” in John 4:20 refers to Mt. Gerizim which is in Samaria.)
      1. Any reference to a mountain in Revelation 7:9 (nope)
      2. Does this make sense based on John 4:23-24  
      3. How can this help our understanding of how/where/with whom we worship God?

Discipleship Trios (25 min)

The goal is to have intentional time to share your journey with others.  Break into same gender groups of three and move to seperate spaces. If numbers necessitate flexibility, form groups of 2 instead.
  • Review the listener committments if you haven't done so in a while.
  • The goal is not to pressure others into sharing more than they want to, or to give unsolicited advice, but to ask others how God is stretching them, be challenged by God's Word together, ask what others are planning to do about their growth areas, and ask how you can support them!

Share Your Journey:
What have you heard from God through your Life Journal / Bible readings this week?  What's an area of your life in which you know you need to repent and/or grow?

  • When you hear a confession, you're encouraged to speak God's forgiveness!
  • If you feel one of your group members is blind to something, (1) think about whether or not you're the right person to bring it up, (2) ask permission to share something, (3) phrase it as a question.

Discipleship Trio Prayer Time
  • Share: Tell us what connections you're building and spiritual conversations you're having with non-believing friends.
  • Pray for non-believers in your lives by name: ___________________.
  • Pray for each other.

Optional Worship Song (+5 min)

  1. If you'd like, you can sing a worship song as a group. Don't have a musician? Sing along to a lyric video:
    1. Advent/Christmas songs can be found at

Serve Our City

  1. Has your group planned an opportunity to serve our city for this semester? Click Here for a list of Service Ideas!


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