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Sunday 9/17 - Saturday 9/23

Inside Out 1366 x 427
"Inside Out: Diagnosing the Problem"
by Elder David Kjergaard

If your group has more than 7 people, you're encouraged to split into men's and women's groups for "Warm Ups" and "Getting Started." If your group is really large, try same gender groups of 3 or 4.

Loving Father in Heaven,
Give us hearts and spirits that always speak from love.
Make us to understand that all the truth spoken without love is useless.
Help us to remember Your Son’s word, Love your God with all your heart,
soul and mind, and love our neighbors as ourselves.
Grant in us the spirit to live in the center of this tripod of love,
in the midst of love God, love neighbor and love ourselves.
It is in this balance that we will clearly see and experience You oh Lord.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Your loving Son! Amen

(15 min)

“You might go around the circle three times instead of having each person do all three at once”

  1. Share your high moment and low moment of the week.
  2. When was the first time you felt that you were treated as an adult?
  3. Are there any areas of your life where it’s hard for you to grow up?
  4. Do you have any God moments to share from this past week?

Getting Started (15min)
  1. Review 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 (focus on verse 11).
    1. In what area is Paul exhorting the Corinthians to grow up?
    2. Where is God calling us to grow? (Hint: what is the nickname for 1 Corinthians 13?)
  2. Read Philippians 1:6
    1. Who is working in us as believers?
    2. When will He be finished?

Going Further (20 min)

  1. Is it possible to be spiritually mature and emotionally immature at the same time? Please explain your answer.
  2. Think of and discuss instances where Jesus demonstrated each of the “Love is…” statements.
  3. Which of the “Love is…“ statements is the easiest for you to follow? Why?
  4. Which of the “Love is…“ statements is the hardest for you to follow? Why?

Prayers (15 min)
  1. In your prayers this week thank ask the Lord to shine His light on where He is leading you to grow and to help you answer the call to spiritual maturity
    1. Give everyone a chance to pray. Click here for creative ideas on how to pray as a group.

Trios (25 min) 
The goal of "Trios" is to provide time for additional sharing, support, and prayer. Break into same gender groups of three. If numbers necessitate flexibility, form groups of 2 instead. Be sure to move to seperate spaces for confidentiality.

Review the listener committments if you haven't done so recently.

Opening Question for Trios: How has God been challenging you to grow in faith?
 What's an area of your life in which you know you need to grow in faith in order to live life to the fullest? Did our study topic for today bring up an area that needs work, or is there another area of your life that you'd like to share about?

Have a time of sharing and open dialogue around your faith walk and the areas in which you currently need growth. 
The goal is not to pressure others into sharing more than they want to, or give unsolicited advice, but to ask others what they're planning to do about their growth areas, and ask how you can support them! If your group is having a hard time coming up with questions to ask, try pulling one or two from these questions in order to spark dialogue. 

End your Trios time in Prayer

Optional Worship Song (+5 min)

  1. If you'd like, you can sing a worship song as a group. Don't have a musician? Sing along to a lyric video:
    1. Advent/Christmas songs can be found at

Serve Our City

  1. Has your group planned an opportunity to serve our city for this semester? Click Here for a list of Service Ideas!


  1. Was there a glitch in today's material? Want to request a song? Do you have a suggestion? Click Here!