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Sunday 2/26 - Saturday 3/5
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 "When Doubts Swirl"

If your group has more than 7 people, you're encouraged to split into men's and women's groups for "Warm Ups" and "Getting Started." If your group is really large, try same gender groups of 3 or 4.

Warm Ups (10 min)

1. Share your high moment of the week.

2. Share your low moment of the week.

3. How much screen time (staring at devices) do you think get in on an average day?

4. Do you have any God moments to share from this past week?


Getting Started (30 min)
Explore one or a couple stories of doubt in scripture. How does God's responses reveal his thoughts on doubt? In His responses, can you find evidence that He is a God of high expectation and high mercy?

Going Further (35 min)
Do the above passages teach us that it's ok to doubt God? Yes or No?

After discussion, highlight invisible text --> While it is natural and normal for sinful beings to doubt, God certainly does not want us to doubt Him or His Word (Matthew 14:31, Matthew 21:21 James 1:6- that's not what's best for us . However, He wants us to know that it's ok to bring our doubts to Him. It's ok to express our doubts to him. <--

How is the man's response in Mark 9:24 a model of how to deal with doubt?

The Gospel for those who doubt (which is the same group of people that have a pulse) is that God helps us with our doubt. He promises that when we encounter His Spirit, His Word, His Sacraments (Baptism & Communion), that these are faith building exercises. That when we take up His Word on our lips and sing His praises that He uses those things to shape our hearts and build our faith. He helps us even when we are weak, even when we don't feel like worshipping, to believe His Word and have faith in His Son Jesus. In short, He helps those who are honest and who desire to grow in faith.

Pastor Michael's message this week was based on Psalm 13.
  • Is the language here more honest, more forward than you would imagine to be appropriate? How is it stretching us to pray more honestly?
  • While God wants us to be completely honest, the Psalm also demonstrates that as we do so, there are certain guidelines to be followed. What does the Psalmist do and not do as he offers this lament to God?

What sort of posture should we adopt when speaking with those that have doubts? Read Jude 1:22-23a. Should we tell them not to doubt?

      Optional Worship Song (5 min)

      • If you'd like, you can sing one of the following songs as a group. Be sure to turn up the volume so that less confident singers feel comfortable.


        Prayers (5+ min)

        • In your prayers for this week, please consider those in your life who don't know Jesus. Pray for them by name!
          • Click here for creative ideas on how to pray as a group.


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