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Sunday 2/12 - Saturday 2/18
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 "Full Disclosure Agreement"

Warm Ups (10 min)

1. Share your high moment of the week.

2. Share your low moment of the week.

3. If you had to live somewhere other than the Denver area, where would you live?

4. Do you have any God moments to share from this past week?


Getting Started (20 min)

  • If your group has more than 7 people, you're encouraged to split into men's and women's groups for this section. If your group is really large, try same gender groups of 3 or 4.
  • Have you ever gotten in trouble for dishonesty? What about honesty?
  • Discuss at least 3 questions from this worksheet.
    • Leaders: You don't have to do every question listed. Choose the best ones for your group!

Going Further (45 min)
  • What did you get out of Pastor Weems' message on Sunday?
  • Do you ever think that if people really knew everything about you, that you'd be in trouble? With people, we're afraid that honest will land us in hot water. It's the opposite with God. Because of Jesus, we don't have to be afraid to be honest, because honesty has been turned into a pathway to life. We should actually fear keeping sin a secret.
  • In scripture, both King Saul (1 Samuel 15) and King David (2 Samuel 12:1-25) were confronted concerning their sins. Compare how they responded and what the result was.
  • Read the story of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11). Why do you think God punished them so severely for their lie? What can we learn about the importance of honesty in the fellowship of believers?
  • Read James 5:13-18Do you have a Christian brother/sister that you can be honest with? That can hold you accountable? Does that concept scare you? Have you had positive experiences with confessing your sin to others?
    • You might try finding a partner, or a trio, in which you can mutually hold each other accountable and build one another up! Talk to a Pastor if you'd like guidance on how you might structure that time with your partner / trio.
  • As a LIFEGroup these listener commitments put together by Pastor Stephen. As a LIFEGroup, do you think we could commit to this, should some of us desire to share with each other outside of our group gathering?
  • Announcing the Forgiveness of sins is one of the chief responsibilities that a Christian has. Are you prepared to pronounce the forgiveness of sins for someone else? Do you know the sort of language that you would use?

      Optional Worship Song (5 min)

      • If you'd like, you can sing one of the following songs as a group. Be sure to turn up the volume so that less confident singers feel comfortable.


        Prayers (5+ min)

        • In your prayers for this week, please consider those in your life who don't know Jesus. Pray for them by name!
          • Click here for creative ideas on how to pray as a group.


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