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Sunday 11/20 - Saturday 11/26

Choose how you'd like to do Warm Ups + Getting Started:

  • As a large group. Best for groups of 7 or less.
  • Split into men's & women's groups.
  • In Trios. Break off into same-gender groups of three.


Warm Ups

1. Share your high moment of the week.

2. Share your low moment of the week.

3. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

4. How did God remind you of His presence this week?


Note for Leaders: You don't have to do every question listed. Choose the best ones for your group!


Getting Started

  • Do you tend to think of God as your father, friend, mentor, president or king? Why?
  • What did you take away from Dr. Loving's message on Royal Psalms / Psalm 2?
  • In our nation's system of governance, the president is not expected to show spiritual leadership (although many people do hope for that to happen on some level). In the Old Testament, during the time of the kings, God did separate priestly duties from the duties of the king. There was a High Priest who performed special duties related to temple worship and there was the king who ruled over the nation (In fact, King Saul famously got in trouble for trying to perform priestly functions). However, do you think that scripture would classify that arrangement as a separation of church and state? A religious leader and a civil leader? What's the understanding that we need to have of that arrangement if we are to understand the king's role as laid out in scripture? If your group isn't sure, read one of the Psalms of Royalty (listed below) and then come back to this question.


Going Further

  • The Psalms of Royalty are Psalms which emphasize how God works through human kings. The role of kings is to honor God and serve faithfully. Psalms in this category include Psalms 2, 20, 21, 29, 45, 72, 89, 95, 101, 110, 132, 144. Pick one of the shorter ones (Not 2, 45, 72, 89, 132, or 144) and read it as an example.
    • What impact do you think singing these Psalms would have on kings and their people? 
    • Even though the Psalms of Royalty primarily speak of God's dealings with the human king, some of them do take on a typological (prophetic) nature in which they refer to the messianic king to come (Jesus). For example, Dr. Loving took us through Psalm 2 in his message. That Psalm is actually quoted by Jesus' disciples in Acts 4:26. Look at the context of that passage and discuss in what ways the early church understood Psalm 2 to be prophetically speaking about Jesus and their situation. The Kretzmann commentary on Acts 4 may also prove useful to you.
    • What is benefit in using these Psalms to guide our own prayer life?
  • One sub-category of the Psalms of Royalty are the Psalms of Enthronement (47, 93, 96-99). They all have strong statements that Yahweh is king. These Psalms remind us that our sovereign God sits on the throne over Heaven and Earth. They're all pretty short. Pick one and read it as an example.
    • How do these Psalms impact our attitudes toward God? How do they impact us as we think about our struggles?

Optional Worship Song

  • If you'd like, you can sing the following song as a group. Be sure to turn up the volume so that less confident singers feel comfortable.



    • In your prayers for this week, please consider the following!
      • Those in your life who don't know Jesus. Pray for them by name!
      • Pray that God would entrust you with someone who needs a Christian voice in their life.
      • St. John's multi-site campus plant in the Highlands.
      • Pray for a Gospel movement in our city.
      • Pray for our nation.
    • Shake it up! You might try a different prayer posture this week. Did you know that people in the Old Testament prayed by looking up toward Heaven and stretching their arms out? You could also hold hands as a group, etc.
    • Click here for ideas on how to pray as a group.


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