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Sunday 6/5 - Saturday 6/11

Choose how you'd like to do Warm Ups + Getting Started:

  • As a large group. Best for groups of 7 or less.
  • Split into men's & women's groups.
  • In Trios. Break off into same-gender groups of three.


Warm Ups

1. Share your high moment of the week.

2. Share your low moment of the week.

3. Who is the most famous person you've ever met?

4. How has God shown up in your life this week?


Getting Started


Going Further

  • Today's text has alot of concepts jam-packed into it. Go through 1 John 3:11-24 together, exploring along the way:
    • How does the context of the beginning of chapter 3 set up what we are about to read?
    • Verses 11-12 - FYI the Cain & Abel story is found in Genesis 4:1-16 (skip if you know it).
    • Verse 13 - For Jesus' words on the world's hate, see John 15:18-25.
      • How do we respond to the world's hate? An extreme example would be ISIS. What is the Christian response to ISIS, a group that specifically targets Christians?
      • How do we respond to those who despise us for our Christian "science denying" ignorance? Who look down on us? Who want to pass laws that are contrary to God's Word?
    • Verses 14-15 - For Jesus' words on "do not murder," see Matthew 5:21-26.
      • According to the passage, who is guilty of "do not murder?"
      • Is the passage saying that murder is unforgiveable? After discussing, read this.
    • Verse 16 - For Jesus' words on love, see John 15:9-17.
    • Verses 17-18 - For Jesus' elaboration on love in action, see Matthew 25:31-40.
    • At times, our sin will trouble us. How do verses 19-24 address our troubled conscienses?


Optional Worship Song

  • If you'd like, you can sing the following song as a group. Be sure to turn up the volume so that less confident singers feel comfortable.



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    Serve Our City



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