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Sunday 2/14 - Saturday 2/20

Getting Started

1. Share your high moment of the week.

2. Share your low moment of the week.

3. Would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?

4. Share a Connect / Neighbor / Serve moment from this week.




Note: There's alot of great content this week, so if you're pressed for time, know that it's ok to skip activities or questions - especially ones that might not resonate with your LIFEGroup as much!


5. On Sunday Pastor Weems gave a message on John 4:1-26 (The Woman at the Well). What are you going to take away from the passage, message or discussion?


6. For our LIFEGroup lesson, we're actually going to backtrack to John 3:1-21. You can read it, or there are a number of ways to watch the movie clip:

  • Netflix subscribers can stream it and go to 14:17 - 18:28.
  • iTunes users can purchase the HD Download ($22.99) and go to 14:37-18:48.
  • Amazon users can purchase the HD Download ($19.99) or order a DVD ($7.50) for next week.


7. Do you see any ways in which the passage is unpacking ideas from John 1:1-18?


8. What do you think the main point of the passage is?


9. Last week, we got a few ringers together and shot an awesome LIFEGroup discussion video on this passage. As you watch, feel free to pause and discuss as a group if you'd like to. Watch it: 


9b. Why is it good to use the language of scripture? Check out Hebrews 4:12 and Romans 10:17.


10. Dig Deeper on Baptism. Refer to your People's Bible Commentary on John and discuss the commentary on John 3:4-6 (Pages 49 - 51).


10b. Didn't get enough discussion on Baptism? If you're brave, come back later to check out these resources for personal study:

- Baptism FAQ section on

Baptism in Luther's Large Catechism


11. If you're unfamiliar with the "lifted up the snake" reference, consult your People's Bible Commentary on John 3:14 (Page 53).


12. In the video, Pastor Drew leaves us with this question: What does it mean to live a life in the Spirit?Check out Galatians 5:13-26 and discuss.


Optional Worship Song

Take a few moments to sing "Jesus Messiah" (by Chris Tomlin) as a group. Be sure to turn up the volume so that less confident singers feel comfortable.

*Check out our LIFEGroup playlist at



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Serve Our City

Has your group planned an opportunity to serve our city for this semester?



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