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LIFEGroups are an important part of St. John's. LIFEGroups help our large community remain intimate. They help us engage with God's word outside of Sunday worship.  People in LIFEGroups are not isolated, but supported by community. People involved in LIFEGroups have a built in family to help them through times of crisis.  LIFEGroups look for ways to serve our community together, which is great, because serving by yourself can be intimidating. For these reasons and more, we're always looking to raise up new LIFEGroup leaders!


You're going to be great. You don't have to be a Bible genius or the biggest extrovert around. You just have to be willing to invite others to be a part of this new thing and willing to be intentional about fostering it's growth. If possible, think about recruiting another person to co-lead the group with you.  We've found that co-leaders work really well, because they're able to split the work and help each other out. Anyway, whenver you decide to get started, contact the church office and we'll set you up with a coach to help you get off the ground.

Getting Started

Contact the church office and a Pastor will help guide you through the process. It's usually a good idea to try starting by gathering neighbors and friends together for a social gathering in order to hang out and cast vision for the LIFEGroup. Learn as much as you can about what your people need and how you can invest in their lives.  From there you can start to think about some of the other details. How often will you meet? We recommend once a week if possible  What will we do when we meet? We suggest having some food, good social time, time in God's word and prayer time. How often will we serve our community together? It's good to do a community service activity together at least once a semester. What social activities would be fun for us to do in the future? But above all else, remember that your group shouldn't be defined by when it meets. It's about people - and your group should be defined by relationships.

Have children?

Here's a creative way to handle childcare!  Prepare dinner and have the men in your group eat dinner while watching the kids.  During this time, the women can have a time of prayer and study.  After an hour, have the groups switch places!