LIFEGroups are about following Jesus together.

LIFEGroups meet together on a regular basis, but your LIFEGroup isn't defined by when you meet or what you're studying. Joining a LIFEGroup means entering into intentional community with others as we follow Jesus. This means more than simply showing up at a weekly gathering or Bible Study - it means connecting with God, hanging out together and serving together. We hope that your LIFEGroup will become your close friends!


The Basics

We currently have 26 LIFEGroups, made up of people from all stages of life. Each LIFEGroup has a leader (or leaders). Some groups function well with one primary leader, while others use 2-3 co-leaders who each lead an area of group life that they're passionate about. Regardless, all leaders are encouraged to raise up others to learn the skills of LIFEGroup leadership. Ideally, the group meets weekly in a member's home. Typically, LIFEGroup gatherings involve food, fellowship, study and prayer. Groups are encouraged to use the weekly studies produced by St. John's for most of their gatherings.

The year is broken up into the Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer semesters. For a few weeks at the beginning of each semester, those who are not connected are encouraged to try out a LIFEGroup. Each semester, groups are encouraged to have at least one purely social gathering and to serve together at least once.

Service can be "in" - serving the needs of St. John's members, or "out" - serving the needs of our community. We hope that over time, your group will serve in both ways.


You're invited to Join a LIFEGroup today!


Nervous about being the new person?

Our groups are very friendly and run on a semester system.  Semesters provide easy "on and off ramps" to LIFEGroups.  You're encouraged to join a group at any time during the semester, but if you're nervous about being new, try checking out a new group at the beginning of a new semester. If you don't feel like it's a good fit and you leave within the first 2 weeks, nobody will hunt you down and ask you why. You can simply move on and try a new group until you find one that seems to fit!


Questions?  Need help?

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